Monday, April 09, 2007

the case of the missing case....

...of beer.

I came home this evening to this note "I saw who stole your beer" clothes-pinned to my screen door.

I opened the door to discover sure 'nuff the case of Miller Light was gone.
My house is very small and I often use my screened-in front porch as an extension of my living space.
I have wicker furniture, a church pew, my roller blades, bike helmet and lots of other stuff out there..
I've been lucky in the last ten years.

The only thing that has disappeared was a pair of speakers to a PA system.
I'd loaned it out, was not home when it was returned, so it was left on the porch.
The thief left the more valuable parts; the PA, two microphones, a milk crate full of cords, mic stands and the speaker stands.
I'm guessing they were pretty disappointed when they tried to hook up the speakers to a conventional stereo system.

I had lots of leftover beer and wine from my St. Valentine's Day party and I gave most of it away.

I was invited to a Easter party and offered to bring beer.
I thought I still had a case of Miller Light on the porch.
I realized on Saturday that it was gone, I assumed that I had farmed it out with the rest of the beer.
I bought another case from the Red Key.
Sunday morning I opened the case, and stuffed Easter grass, eggs and bunnies between the bottles.
It just seemed weird to bring beer to a party, I had to "holiday" it up!

I stuck it on the porch to chill.
I never made it to the party Sunday ( I need to start a secret blog about family junk) and forgot about the beer.

Apparently someone stole the beer off the porch today.
And someone else left an anonymous note.

I wonder how surprised they were when they opened the case to find a giant beer Easter basket.


Cliff Morrow said...

'Monk' could figure out who took the beer. Now I'm mad. You move out of that auwful neighborhood right now young lady.

Rachel said...

Maybe the one that took the beer left the note?

I'll bet they liked it even better after you had gotten it all pretty for them!

Jerry said...

One person is stealing from you. Another is watching you. How very odd.