Wednesday, June 06, 2007

busy bee

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and writing.

I took the weekend off and spent it with my cousins in Logansport. Graduations, pig roasts and swapping memories.
They tried to fix me up with the local welding teacher, but it did not take (he was cute, in a charming-high-school-welding-teacher-kind-of-way).
I loved having the whole weekend free with no deadlines.
I decided that I am getting too old for keg-beer.
Not drinking it, but moving the damn thing around.
Those things did not used to be so heavy.

I promise to catch up soon -- I have an especially blog-worthy writing assignment to tell you all about.

1 comment:

Cliff Morrow said...

Well this one got Marilyn to walking toward the office to see what was so darned funny. The 'too old for keg beer' line really got me.
Sorry about the welding teacher and that the 'weld' didn't hold.