Sunday, June 24, 2007

busy busy

Thursday night brought more music, Friday was the MKNA Twilight party followed by a trip to a club to hear even more music.
I have lots of writing to do...and its all due tomorrow!

I worked at the Red Key tonight and donated all of my tips to a customer/friend that is battling cancer.
As with too many people, he has no health insurance. The Red Key declared it "Don Weaks Day" and raised a significant amount of money.

For this week's edition of the "person that I felt weird waiting" on...the director of the department of agriculture of our state was in with some folks after the governor's ball.
Six good looking people in black tie attire plus one tired stained tee shirt and skirt wearing damp and frizzy haired from taking trash out in the glorious rain waitress equals hi-jinx and hilarity.

Mr. Ag is a big fan of Second Helpings.

Does one --
A: Re-introduce herself?
B: Bring the drinks and say nothing?
C: Trip and spill a drink on their table. Introduce herself while mopping it up with the hem of her skirt, so nothing gets on their fancy clothes?

Ding ding ding.
If you guessed "C" you're right.
It was a good way to break the ice.

I'm off to take a shower, gotta wash this night right out of my hair...and the gin right out of my skirt.

1 comment:

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, I'm so glad it was C!!!
I was hoping it was C because that one was the most fun... and the funniest too.
You are a fun person!!!
Busy is right!
Geez, Louise!
Take a Unisom and get some rest, Nora.