Friday, June 08, 2007


Since my last post can be filed under the "ewwewh" column, I thought I tell you about the person that I was honored to talk to yesterday.

Rosevelt Colvin played football (and basketball) for Broad Ripple High School and graduated with honors in 1995. He played football and got a degree from Purdue. I got to see him play for Purdue several times, including the 1998 Alamo Bowl. He was drafted by the Bears and now plays for the Patriots.
He does lots of charity work for the NFL but wanted to do something for the Indianapolis public schools.

His first annual "5 on 5 Hoops Tournament" is June 23 and 24. The proceeds will benefit Broad Ripple High School's athletic program and provide scholarships for two 2008 graduates. His mom just retired after 40 years in the school system.

I was trying to think of interesting, atypical questions. Mostly I just stammered and blushed. I asked him about his high school basketball career, what position did he play? "Power foreward --I was the tallest, thickest guy on the team." That made me laugh.

Mr. Colvin is proud of his mama and was a pleasure to talk to.


Rachel said...

I can't imagine why you'd blush and stammer around a tall muscular guy!! Just part of our nature I guess!!

Cliff Morrow said...

I hope you told him you were single.
And like boys.
Nora's brush with greatness. I am truly impressed.