Saturday, June 16, 2007

the jeffs

My friend Jeff gave me a ticket to see Wilco for my birthday.
Wilco is led by Jeff Tweedy, one of my favorite musicians. Before Wilco he was in the amazing band, Uncle Tupelo.*
I always joke that if I were going to stalk someone, Jeff Tweedy would be at the top of my list. I'm not sure how the rest of the band, and his wife would feel about a 46 year old Hoosier following the tour bus in an S-10 pickup truck with 4-H licence plates.

The concert was in a great historic venue, The Murat. Our seats (not that anyone sat down) were great -- 10 rows from the stage on the aisle. I could have danced in the aisle --if I could dance. I did my little bop-my-shoulders-almost-to-the-beat thing. And I was close enough to Jeff T. to confirm what I've always suspected--He cuts his hair with fingernail scissors.

The whole evening was fun, I stayed downtown after work. I used to read Glamour and those types of magazines until I realized that I was tired of feeling like crap for not having the perfect airbrushed body and right purse. One feature that I always liked was the "office to evening" articles. These women were going from a high-powered office job to a nightclub in a limousine. They would peel off their stockings, add diamond earrings and lipstick and step out to paparazzi flash bulbs.
Not one of them was leaving a non profit job where they had visited a factory, pounded through mounds of paperwork, talked to the insurance agency about just why we had a claim for one of our drivers running in to a (our own!)dumpster with one of our vans. Not one of those models struggled with frizzy hair or changing shoes in a small pickup truck. And I bet that none of them had as much fun as I did.

As much as I don't mind, and even enjoy doing stuff by myself I'm making an effort to do more stuff with "the gang" and I'm having a blast.

* AVS old band, Middletown, was part of a tribute record of Uncle Tupelo songs, "For Anyone That's Listening.

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Cliff Morrow said...

The next time you visit the farm, I'll be sure and take flash photo's of you getting out of the pickup. (be sure and wear slacks)
I'm glad you're having a blast. Your blog show's it.