Saturday, April 14, 2007

yo la tengo

I'm downright giddy.

Yo La Tengo played at the Vogue tonight.

And they played a Dow Jones and the Industrials song at the encore.

I cannot express how off-the-charts-cool that is.

Yo La Tengo have been indie rock darlings since 1984, which is amazing longevity for a band.

The also have play amazingly long shows.
They played for over two hours tonight.
I was tired and more than a little cranky when I arrived at the show.
I came very close to leaving at midnight.
I try never to leave a concert or sporting event until it is over.

You just never know what will happen.

I'm so glad I stayed.

YLT played "Can't Stand the Midwest," a Dow Jones and Industrials song.
(click on the title to hear the song).

I lived with half of the band in college.
Shy farm girl meets punk-rockers.
The rest is history.


Rachel said...

Wow, that is a real rockin song!!

Jerry said...

I haven't seen that band either. I'm so sheltered.