Sunday, April 22, 2007

auntie nora -- updated

It has been a long, slightly overwhelming week -- capped off by this gorgeous-weather day of work followed by more work.

I just came home with really sore feet and an equally worn out disposition.

I felt instantly better when I listened to this message:

"This is Molly Spitznogle, 5**-9****, Auntie Norie can you come to the baseball game with me tomorrow?
I understand if you can't. I miss you."

She sounded so grown up! She's lost her little girl lisp.
The typical message would include several "Mom!'s" and a recorded tussle with her little brother.

I would throw myself under a train for my sweet almost six year-old niece.
This will be easy.
I'll see you at the game, June Bug!


The game was a blast, despite the 3-8 defeat.

Victory Field is in downtown Indianapolis and is only 10 years old.
When the Indianapolis Indians moved from the old historic Busch Stadium I was prepared not to like the new stadium, but it it perfect.

I usually make it to at least a dozen games a summer.
This is the first year I've missed opening day since I've been back in Indy.
I hate to admit it, but I wussed out. It was a cold windy and rainy day.
Today was warm and sunny.

I took Molly and John to the media room to meet my friend Bruce Schumaker, the public address announcer.
The kids got a bird's eye view of the stadium.

Molly and John got to 'run the bases' after the game. Molly is in the pink hat and John, in the red hat is playing "Shoeless Joe."

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Cliff Morrow said...

Say it ain't so Joe!

I loved this post. You are the best Aunti ever. I have a trophy and a Blue Ribbon waiting for you. (if I don't drink it first)