Sunday, April 22, 2007

name your band

As you now know, I'm a time-wasting champion.
In avoiding writing, laundry, cleaning and basic hygiene this morning I found a great Web site.
Click on the post title to name your band.
Enter your name and the Web site generates some suggestions for band names.

Queen Bee Music is the name of my music Web site and Broad Ripple Gazette column.

Fractional Queenbee of the Nechro Killer
Queenbee Average [average, finally!]
Little Queenbee
Persuasive Queenbee
Mystic Queenbee
Queenbee of the Route Gum [sounds like the first step to the a root canal]
Queenbee Doom
Queenbee Broadcast
Brazen Queenbee
Seasoned Queenbee and the Thursday

A Blogger Band?

Chez Pez Agreement
Chez Pez of the Other
Chez Pez Lumber
Chez Pez of the Dong [wild blushing]
Nipple of the Chez Pez Gum [this one made diet Pepsi come out of my nose]
Huge Chez Pez of the Undefeated Generation
Chez Pez Diner [the name of my next coffeehouse]
Tramp Chez Pez
Elated Chez Pez
Chez Pez Breeze [tongue twister to the z]

Nora as a solo act?

Nora Creep of the Young Stereo [Great punk-rock name -Nora Creep]
Nora Border
Nora Rhubarb [Grandma Nora made legendary rhubarb pie]
Rude Nora [in my mind anyway]
Unborn Nora
Nora of the Anywhere
Nora Hesitation
Nora Fountain
Nora Mooch
Nora Stronger

Nora Spitznogle Scar and the Kung-fu Koala [fit that on a marquee!]
Nora Spitznogle of the Spoiled Author [don't I wish!]
Last Nora Spitznogle [sad, but true]
Nora Spitznogle Caravan [led by a Chevy pick-up truck]
Lymph Nora Spitznogle
Nora Spitznogle #45 [wild, since I am 45!]
Confined Nora Spitznogle of the Fair Terminal
Nora Spitznogle Week
Nora Spitznogle Canal and the Slippery Snow [sounds a bit pornographic]
Canvas Nora Spitznogle

Family band?

Spitznogle Thumb
Spitznogle Millennium
Aurora Spitznogle [strangely close to Nora Spitznogle]
Spitznogle of the Complicated
Secure Spitznogle
Spitznogle Vivid
Snippy of the Struggling [especially after a 9 hour waitressing shift]
Socio Spitznogle
Spitznogle Variety [oh, we've got variety]
Ivory Spitznogle [more like pale]

And I could not resist this:

Cliff Morrow Skin
Excess Cliff Morrow and the Explorer
Cliff Morrow Sudden
Full Cliff Morrow
Excess Cliff Morrow
Punky Cliff Morrow
Spiritual Cliff Morrow of the Ill Envelope
Cliff Morrow Proxy
Incident Cliff Morrow and the Stilt Streak
Cliff Morrow Formal

or this:

Crabby Dad Mansion
Crabby Dad Incognito
Crabby Dad Shapely
Crabby Dad Havoc
Crabby Dad of the Distant
Crabby Dad Profanity
Crabby Dad Drunk
Crabby Dad Doubtless
Crabby Dad Wishbone
Refried Crabby Dad

I cannot possible think of one more way to waste time -- off to the shower!


Rachel said...

Mercy girl!! You were wasting time!!

How about "Queenbee of the Route Gum?" LOL What names!!

As for Cliff, (he'll probably get even with you, you know!), I'll go with "Excess Cliff Morrow and the Explorer!"

Cliff Morrow said...

Dear Nora, I read your post before going to the website. When old farmers read this kind of stuff without understanding what is being done it raises questions that start with a whispered "well whatdee ell?"
I read and then went to the website and now see what you were doing. It's like you said...wasting time.

crabbydad said...

I've gotta go with "Refried Crabbydad."

--Crabbydad (drunk)

Loner said...

I kind of liked the Crabby Dad profanity. The pics from the Indians games made me homesick - I loved going to those.
And I got my mom the Queenbee beauty set - from Burt's Bees for mothers day - made me giggle when I saw the name - you even have makeup named after your queenbee self!