Monday, January 03, 2011


I'm related to all of these beautiful feet

I jokingly asked on facebook yesterday if watching CBS Morning Show counted as going to church. I knew that my closer-to-God moment was not far away - it was Spitznogle Christmas party day!

I just love my cousins to pieces, but back in my younger days I was a little scared of them. 

Keep in mind that I was a wussy kid. And that we have 39 first-cousins on the Spitznogle side and I was in the younger end of the group - our dad is the youngest of his nine siblings, so I have cousins closer to Dad's age than mine. A good chunk of those cousins lived in the same county, attended the same schools and church so they all knew each other and were close. And I as I said, I was a wuss.

Now I can sort out all of our generation and most of the next - facebook has been great for keeping in touch and sharing photographs. 

There was a table full of family photographs for the taking. I got some great ones - Grandma Nora and Grandpa Paul's wedding, photos of Dad as a child and of my siblings.

AVS, Uncle Cletus, Nora (late 1999-ish, I'm guessin')

Although I would have sworn that I'd never brought a date to a family party, there was plenty of photographic evidence that I had. And who let me have that hair cut? 

Seeing everyone was good for my soul, if not for my diet (lots of yummy food!) and a great way to start the new year. 

See you tomorrow -

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Doug said...

You dated Uncle Cletus?!?