Monday, January 24, 2011


My friend Kevin turns 30 this week and I was invited to his surprise party tonight.

I can't decide which freaks me out more - the fact that I'll be 50 this year or that I have such young friends. I always joke that I'm either terribly hip and cool or horribly immature. In my friendship with Kevin, it floats to the hip and cool side.

I wish I had it together at 30 as much as Kevin does. He's co-founder of Standard Recording Company, he serves a mean Jameson and water at Locals Only, is supportive of the music community and is a healthy relationship with a beautiful and smart-as-a-whip woman. What I find most compelling about Kevin is that he's genuinely kind.

I'm not sure that I ever shared this story with Kevin, but the first time I met him he called me "Ma'am," from the stage! I'd won a CD at the Standard Recording Party and when I went to collect he called me that dreaded word. I've let that go....almost.

I have about seven words that make me want to punch someone in the nose and that is one of them. Since I know you'll ask, the dreaded word list also includes: lady, puke, busted (in place of broken), butt* and others I can't mention in a PG13 blog. 

Anyway, back to Kevin - he makes me proud to live in this town and know that a whole 'nother generation is concerned about making our community a better place to be. The fact that they include us old folks is a bonus. 

*I think that 'ass' is a delightfully hilarious word.

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Cliff said...

Nice post on Kevin. It kicked butt, I hope you din't drink so much that you puked lady. Have you ever heard the song "She's a busted lady" by the Gatlin Bros?