Thursday, January 06, 2011

wrap up the wrappings

It's probably time to get the wrapping paper off of the dining room floor. I've gotten more organized.  Really. Note the plastic tub with lid that the paper is stored in. And it's holiday stuff only -  there is a separate tub for other wrapping - as I learned from Kim, "like things with like things!"

But it's still in the middle of the dining room floor, with a straight shot to the front door. Even though all guests were told: don't mind that pile, just pretend like the dining room doesn't exist or LOOK! A BABY WOLF! ! - they still looked. How could you not? Even the prettily wrapped gifts had no where to go besides the floor.

Wouldn't it be great to have a dedicated wrapping area in the house? On second thought, maybe I should wish for more counter space or another closet. Or a room that I could shut the door to other than my bedroom.

Or maybe I could get a well-timed baby wolf to run thought the house...


Granny Annie said...

The baby wolf thing is a good idea but when I worry about guests entering the house and seeing a mess Ron suggests I put out an array of get well cards and people will think I have been sick and forgive the mess.

Doug said...

I thought the dining room _was_ the designated wrapping area of the house. So... what's a dining room for, then?