Monday, January 31, 2011

storm warnings

I'm not a panic - er.

Sometimes even when I should.

This morning's weather forecast made me jump out of bed and drive to Second Helpings with a head full of plans.

Ice, ice, baby.

I ain't afraid of any stinkin' snow, but ice scares the hell out of me. And there was a lot of it headed our way.  I got a team of people together, we planned, scrambled and sent out two extra days of food to the shelters and agencies where people live. That's an extra 1610 meals that we prepared and delivered - in addition to the 2600 that we'd already delivered earlier today.

Click here to read a letter from the chairman of our board about our efforts.

These are the days that recharge my batteries. Get me juiced up.

I also needed to prepare for the possibility of power loss at home, so I prepared for the worst - I made sure my flashlights were charged, put new batteries in my head lamp.

And most importantly, I popped two days worth of popcorn.

You can't be too prepared.

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