Saturday, January 15, 2011

saturday night

view from the stage

I don't often go out after my Red Key shift any more. For one thing it's usually after 3:00 by the time we're done cleaning up and restocking. And I'm older and creakier.

My typical after work routine is to shower and start a load of laundry (you can still smoke in bars in Indianapolis). If I'm feeling spunky I might play a round or two of facebook Scrabble.

My co-worker Robin and I venture out every six months or so --  this was one of those nights. The Pawn Shop Pub was celebrating their fourth anniversary. Robin used to work there and the owners are friends of the Red Key.

We made it just in time for 'last call,' and met up with friends from yet another neighboring bar. We had great laughs and talked about music, Sanibel and being in 'the business.'

It seemed like a great idea at the time (the time being 3:00) to go check out the ring toss game at a friend's venue. I impressed the crowd by getting the ring to hook on my third toss.

That grand achievement sparked some buried bit of responsibility in my brain and I remembered that my column was due in just a few hours. I grabbed my laptop from the car, took advantage of the Wifi and sat on stage and wrote while the others continued the fun.

It's amazing how I got more written in that half an hour than I did the whole day. There is something to be said about the lack of distractions...


Granny Annie said...

I believe it is called "procrastination". I am an artist at that, always waiting until the last minute to convey my brilliance or complete a task.

Gette said...

Maybe I should try dragging my grading bag out to a pub crawl...

Cliff said...

I can't write until my boss sends an email that says something like, "can I expect something soon?" Then I reply, 'almost finished" and then try to dream up something.
I need to try the bar deal like you.

Cliff said...

Okay, I read all the way to 'quarter back'. I think I would have gotten that.
The writing gig for the State Fair seems like it's 'write' up your alley. Good for you.
Keep working at the Red Key. I'm going to surprise you one night.