Friday, January 21, 2011

tgif, sort of

unexplained water on the woman's room floor

I think the winter doldrums have arrived. It's cold. It's gloomy. It's late January. I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Bleck. 

That said, work is going really well -- all three of the jobs. I'm especially re-energized at the main gig.

But I really enjoyed mopping today. First of all the problem was not as dramatic as advertised; Nora, the bathroom is flooding and covered with six inches of water! That got me up from the lunch table in a hurry. 

No flooding, I couldn't find the source of water, it was just one of those one-time mysterious crop circle-like dealies . The water was clear, instead of, well, you know. All and all, not bad. I've dealt with way worse.

And I enjoyed the process of mopping. I could see results — less water on the floor, more water in the bucket. 

Mop, wring the mop, mop, wring the mop, mop. 
Way more satisfying than that spreadsheet I'm working on.

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