Thursday, July 01, 2010


This meal looks an awful lot like the one I had yesterday. And the day before.

When you’re single buying a watermelon is a real commitment.

And you think twice before buying a loaf of bread or a bunch of grapes or a tub of bleu cheese.

It’s not so much the cost as much as knowing that you’re going to be eating some combination of whatever you purchase for a week. And if you’re lucky, it’s only a week.

Last week when I purchased the watermelon the guy checking me out – as in totaling my groceries, not checking me out in the fun way – pointed out that I could buy a bigger watermelon for the same price. I told him I’d worked hard to find the smallest one.

Buying popcorn and frozen dinners is much easier but I’m committed to shopping locally, eating healthier, slowing down long enough to eat – and maybe losing that last ten pounds in the process.

So here’s to summertime, farmer’s markets, dinner on the porch and fitting into my ‘skinny’ jeans!

Oh, and to finally finishing that damn watermelon.


Gette said...

Even with a big family, we have that problem with watermelon. The juicer has been really handy for that.

Granny Annie said...

Ron does not like watermelon so I will buy a half of one or a wedge. It's expensive but I don't feel like I waste as much so my conscience is clear. Oh that voice "You could feed a starving child in Africa"......

Doug said...

"When you’re single buying a watermelon is a real commitment." - Love this.

And love the idea of buying fresh and local. I'm gonna hit the farmer's market this weekend.