Friday, July 16, 2010

band practice

I had band practice Monday.

You read that right. Band practice.

I’m in a band – Alice Chalmers and the Stick a Cork in Your Jug Band.

An all-woman jug band. [insert your jug jokes here]

We need Cliff to pull us around with Spooky Old Allis.

There are seven of us. Five are actual musicians, one is quickly picking up the washtub bass and then there is me - playing percussion on an old typewriter – with a wooden spoon.

I’ve dated musicians and band practice always seemed like a mysterious event, and often-unhappy one.

Would you like a breakdown of our band practice?
I’m sure they’re all like this one.

We started out with root-beer floats, cherry pie and complimenting each other’s makeup and instruments.

The moment practice started you could tell it was going to be a wonderful experience.

Beautiful four-part harmonies and gorgeous music.

Cara Jean Wahlers put the group together – she has an amazing voice and plays guitar, bass, accordion and whatever else she puts her mind to.

Stasia Demos Mills also has a marvelous voice and plays just about any instrument she lays her hands on.

Joni Back-Bubenzer plays ukulele like a rock star. And writes like one too.

Holly Jae Smith plays violin and sings like an angel.

Jude O’Dell is a marvelous singer, plays banjo and guitar and has a wealth of musical knowledge and a brain for old-timey songs. See her amazing clay work here.

Tammy Lieber plays washtub bass. I was not familiar with the instrument; it is an upside down washtub, a stick and a long string. The string makes a delightfully deep sound when plucked.

It took me a while to find the sound in the typewriter, but with coaching from Jude and wooden spoons from Cara we discovered some fun sounds.

I am partial to G.

I mostly just giggled about how remarkable the evening was.

Our first gig is at the Indiana State Fair, Tuesday, August 10, noon - 2:00, Pioneer Village. Check it out on facebook here.


Granny Annie said...

First of all, I am in shock that you didn't name the band THE JOHN DEARS. I can play the typewriter but I never knew it was a musical instrument. From now on I shall call myself a musician. What great fun! What a great group! Nora, Nora I am so jealous of your life.

Cliff said...

This is indeed inspiring. I would drive quite a distance to see this.
Good on you.
Besides being in a band with a great name, you got pictures with captions underneath them. I have to put the pics in and see where they land. Thanks for blogging again. I'll check back.

Gette said...

You'll have to travel to the tractor rides and farm shows. We have 3 antique farm shoes within 3 weeks and 45 minutes of here. Good excuse to visit... ;)

Loner said...

Gotta say, seeing you all play live woudl be a PERFECT reason to head up to Indiana. What fun!