Tuesday, July 06, 2010


....for fun.

I've been wondering if I should take a hiatus from my column and other writing gigs. The last six months have been a whirly-gig of deadlines and panic writing and dread.

I'm working hard to get caught up and turning in assignments on time. This week has been a joy - column writing done, nothing due for NUVO or Ghettoblaster.

And lookie here - I blogged. And wrote for fun.

Now if I could just think of a way to make laundry and cleaning fun.

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Gette said...

I need to get back to writing for fun. I just looked over the requirements for the writing class I teach and thought how I'd get a kick out of writing some of that stuff that the kids will dread, whine about, and procrastinate over for a grade.

When I stopped cleaning out of some sense of obligation, and started to do it because *I* like having a clean house to hang out in, it changed my attitude a lot. I wouldn't go as far as "fun," but perhaps "satisfying."