Wednesday, June 30, 2010

home sweet home

Sometimes my house seems no more than a place to do laundry and park the new car. What used to feel like a cozy nest and respite from the big bad world turned in to a chore.

Grass to mow, water heater to buy, window air-conditioners to haul upstairs, taxes to pay, floors to clean, insurance to pay, leaky faucets to fix, trash to take to the curb, mortgage to pay, recycling to sort, blah, blah, blah….

I’m working on re-connecting with my home – I should enjoy it – it’s costing me enough. – See, that’s the attitude is not helping matters any.

Anyway, I’m making sure that I have dinner at home at least once a week. And eat real food, not a frozen dinner or Weight Watchers ice cream or just popcorn.

I got a cool old fridge last week – with great help from best friend, Ann Herr Mitchell and her family and Sam Herr’s truck, that story deserves it’s own blog post – anyway, I’ve vowed to keep it stocked with something more than diet Pepsi and opened cans of cat food.

I’m enjoying my meal times on the front porch, reading or writing or playing Scrabble on facebook or watching movies. Downtime. And a healthy meal. Although I learned tonight that Nip/Tuck might not be the best choice for dinner viewing.
Who knows, it may lead to blogging again….stay tuned…

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Scott said...

Ah, the joys of home ownership. It's always something. Just when you think you have your expenses planned out well, something comes up.

That fridge is very cool, or I guess people might call it retro. Hope it gives you many years of good service.

I'm glad you're trying to blog more. I never have, but enjoy reading other peoples musings. You can clearly see that it can become a burden to find something of interest to write about everyday. You'll have the State Fair to write about soon. Looking forward to it.