Sunday, July 11, 2010

yard sale

Jennifer and I had our annual yard sale this week.

We’ve been doing it for a dozen years. We couldn’t start until noon on Friday due to work concerns and the threat of rain and I think it cut in to our sales.

It was hotter than Hades. With the heat index is was over 100 degrees.

I didn’t sell much, got a sunburn and achy feet.

Yet, I had a wonderful time.

We love marketing and merchandizing our sale – and get compliments on our organization. We have a book nook – organized by age and subject, a kitchen korner, holiday table – Christmas and other, CDs and a toy table. We make outfits out of the clothes and hang them on the fence. The kids clothes are separated by size and season.

Jennifer’s brother helped us pack up and asked why we did it each year. I told him that I loved having two straight days to catch up with Jennifer. He pointed out that we could go to a spa instead.

Good point, dude. Good point.


Granny Annie said...

Last year we had our yard sale on the two hottest days of the year. Yikes! I'll bet you had people fighting over your Budweiser dog. (Isn't that what that is?) Maybe you could start a new profession and travel the country organizing yard sales for people and do their marketing for a percentage of their sales????? Put me on your list if you decide to do that.

Cliff said...

Sorry but I'm not into the sales. btw, would you take 50cents for that?