Friday, July 02, 2010


[this is a horrible photo of me, but I'm using it anyway]

Sister Ann and brother-in-law Tim are visiting from Phoenix, which means our world gets a little more fun. Brother J.R. has a manufacturing factory just a few blocks from Second Helpings. All which lead to an impromptu lunch in my work neighborhood. 

The Milano Inn opened in 1934 and survived the a blip in the 1990s of a generational change in management. Last year they added outdoor seating and a bocce court. 

One of the great perks of Second Helpings is that we eat lunch prepared by the students every day. The flip side of that is that it's always a working lunch and no break in the day. 

It was fun and good for the soul to get out of the building for an hour. The icing on the tiramisu was that Ann and I kicked ass in bocce. 

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