Sunday, July 18, 2010


I love birthdays. Everyone has one and they’re fun to celebrate.

I can remember almost all of my birthdays. Mom always made sure they were special, even though I never got a pony.

The zero birthdays always get celebrated extra special. Sweet niece Molly turned 10 this year. I wish I felt as grown up now as I did at 10.

I have friends that are parents of 20 year-olds, and hang out with a few kids who recently turned 30. Another friend turned 40 last week.

My crowd is turning 50. Seriously. I hear 50 is the new 30. I sure hope so.

The really cool part is that my 50-ish friends seem really, really happy. And they look darn good too!

Which means that I have ten months to get it together.

Kristi celebrated her birthday yesterday. She’s one of my pulled-together, hip, beautiful friends and I was thrilled to celebrate with her. I am continually amazed by her generosity, humor, parenting skills and and all-around kick-ass self.

Cheers, friend!


Granny Annie said...

Are you the "intelligence anchor" for all those blonds?

When my sister's granddaughter Nora was born my spouse stood in their front yard and ask "Where are you going to put it?"

They said "What?"

He said, "The hitching post for Nora's pony."

Cliff said...

I'll admit that I tried to read the top post first but the pic with all you babes caught my eye. All attractive girls for sure.
Yeah, I think you're right, it's a lot easier to be happy when you're 50 but it's even easier at 60. It just gets better.
By the way I think it might be time for last call going by the expressions in that pic.