Wednesday, December 09, 2009

holiday parties numbers four, five and six

holiday party number four - tuesday, december 8

I don't know if the Colts Corporate Luncheon Series counts as an official holiday party but I wanted to talk about it, so there! I was lucky enough to be invited (thanks Deborah!) to the last of a luncheon series at the Colts practice field. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at lunch. Two of the players, offensive guard, Kyle DeVan  and punter, place holder, kicker Pat McAfee had a question and answer session and they are hilarious! They had several behind the scenes stories and what they're life was like before the NFL. Kyle was living with his parents and substitute teaching a year ago. And Pat has stepped into some pretty big shoes, replacing the beloved Hunter Smith. Good stuff!

holiday party number five - tuesday, december 8

This might not count as a holiday party either, but there was champagne so it was a party. Second Helpings is the recipient of the Best of the Best Indiana Achievement Award. How awesome was is that? We celebrated with some of our staff and board members and the other winner - Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.

holiday party number six - tuesday, december 8 

The SEND (SouthEast Neighborhood Development) party is always fun. Second Helpings is within the boundaries of  SEND and one of J.R.'s businesses are in the neighborhood. Here is a recap of last year's party.

Santa was there - he delivers meals for Second Helpings on this time off. My friend, Kipp is a great host.

The party also made me realize that I want a record player - Santa?

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Granny Annie said...

You seem to enjoy all the Christmas and holiday parties this time of year and it makes me feel guilty for how glad I am NOT to be going to any. I hated hated hated obligatory parties when I was employed and our office party most of all.

Let me warn you if you get your wish for a record player. Make sure you can find a needle or two. Talk about endangered species. Let me know if you find any.