Thursday, December 17, 2009

clean desk club

I try and I try and I try. I spent the whole day trying.
My work desk typically has several piles of paper and other miscellany.

Part of the problem is that I'm often interrupted and have to leave whatever I'm doing. The piles of paper seem to work for me. I know where to put my hands on them and don't have to open a drawer or dig too deep to find them. I'm also very good at recycling and filing once I'm done with the paper, so if it's on my desk it still needs some sort of attention.

The other part of the problem is not me. I can't tell you all of the crap that winds up on my desk. As the director of operations I do a lot of operation-y stuff. Right now the desk is sporting a broken toilet paper roll holder and a thermostat cover. The stuff that drives me crazy is all of the e-mails that get printed out. And some in color! And with pages of blank stuff. I've been know to fling that junk across the room while yelling, Was it necessary to spend thirty cents to print off something that I sent in the first place? That is almost the cost of one meal!!! There are starving children in our own back yard. 

That's what I scream in my mind anyway. In real life I just take the staple out and toss it in the recycle can while the furrow in my brow gets a little deeper.

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