Saturday, December 12, 2009

trees and soup

Thinking about my Christmas tree - that is still not decorated - but probably the prettiest tree I've ever had so I'm just enjoying it as is, and farms and boys reminded me of this: Vote for the Dull family farm barn to be restored as an FFA/Campbell's Soup project. Click here for details.  You don't need to register or anything, just click on the vote tab. And you can vote once a day. I've actually taken the time to read about all ten of the nominees - there is some good stuff in our agricultural community.

Here is a little bit about them: We are a family-owned corporation that row crops 2000 acres of corn and soybeans. We also run and maintain a tree farm that we use as part of a Christmas tree business.

Our barn is the centerpiece of our farm. It is the first building that customers see as they come around the bend in the road and up the driveway, so it needs to look good for that first impression. We are very involved in our community, and our farm is a recommended place to visit by the Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau. During school tours, part of the barn is used for a petting zoo where the students and teachers feed and interact with our animals. We feel this on-farm connection goes a long way in educating our future consumers about where food really comes from.

This project would provide a unique service learning opportunity for all involved. It would provide an avenue where two local FFA chapters from different districts, FFA Alumni, national FFA staff and the Dulls can all work together to revive a tired barn into a centerpiece that's used to educate both the young and the not-so-young about food and agriculture.

When I was a young 4-H'r all of the girls would swoon over the Dull boys. Just like we'd get all starry-eyed and giggly around the Wiley boys in church. I'm blushing just thinking about it!


Cliff said...

Hi Nora,
I read all there is to read here. Your life makes me a bit tired but that's the price you pay for being young and attractive. You get invited to party after party.
I like your tree just the way it is.
I'm glad to see you're having a fun season and be sure to not cry by any dumpsters.
Great posts as always. I'm off to see the barn site.

Rachel said...

I voted and I added them to my favorites and I'll try to vote daily! A very nice cause!

I'm sure your undecorated tree is quite lovely!

Jerry in Indiana said...

I was in the band with all four of the Dull kids. The girls played the saxophone (as did I). A real fun family.

Granny Annie said...

I love old barns. I have voted and will try to remember to come back often. It is funny that my three favorite things to draw are Nudes, Jesus, and barns.