Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I made an impulse buy on Sunday - I purchased a Christmas tree, my first in ten years. My first Christmas tree that is - unfortunately not my first impulse buy.

There is a family owned garden store on the corner where I do all of my garden-y business. The Habigs are not getting rich in my two tomato plants and a flat of flowers summer purchases or my typical December buy of a bundle of greenery cut from the bottom of the trees they sell.

I popped in with the intention of buying some greenery and a sprig of holly or two. Next thing I knew I was having Steve Habig make a fresh cut on a seven foot tree for me.

Once I got the tree home, I remembered why I hadn't had a tree for a decade. I don't have room for one! The dining room table is going to have to hang out on the porch for the rest of the month.

Now I just need to find the time to make it all happen.....


Granny Annie said...

I love it! Please keep us posted on the progress of this tree ending with your stocking feet under it on Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...
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