Thursday, December 03, 2009

it's a squirrel!

The mystery critter was a squirrel. And a pretty damn big one -- was too big to fit in the first trap. I was hoping for a bunny or badger or mongoose.

I didn't get home until after 9:00 last night and was thrilled to see the pissed-off looking squirrel in the basement. Of course Pacifist Kitty was marching around like he'd done the work. I tried to get a photo of the two of them together, but I was more interested in getting it out of the basement without the trap flying open and the squirrel running up my dress.

As much as I'd like a new vehicle, I was pretty damn happy last night that I drive a truck. We took a little ride to a nice cemetery by the White River full of trees and places to run - and most importantly, in another zip code. Last night was cold and rainy and it was pretty dark by the time I got there at 10:30. I marched towards the back of the cemetery to the river and  and then realized that I was standing in the dark and rain in a cemetery BY MYSELF!

I reached in to release the trap door and the crazy thing would not leave! I tipped the case up. No dice. The thing hung on for dear life. Luckily I had on a pair of sturdy work gloves (they didn't match and I had two left gloves, but they were thick). I had to stick my hand in the trap and pull on the squirrels butt. It finally ran out, around some grave stones and up a tree.

I was so wound-up that I went home, made myself a little whiskey and called an old boyfriend. That will always cure an adrenaline high.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a monster squirrel! Glad you caught him and that you shared the great story! :)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Hilarious. I love the look of triumph on your face.

Granny Annie said...

We could use your help on the farm and it is nice to know you would not be offended by all left handed gloves! I don't think we have a matched pair on the place.

Didn't I tell you it was going to be bigger than a mouse? Just glad it was only a squirrel and not a bobcat or a bear:)

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh! Squirrel on steroids.
Professional athletes should try the Pez diet.

Cliff said...

I could have told the little varmint not to screw with the Pez.
Next time you venture this way bring those gloves, I'm pretty sure I can match them up for you.
There should be a match making services for single gloves. Ah, forget it. Some smart alec would just finger someone else and then it would ruin it for everyone.
OR..someone would get clap. :)

Granny Annie said...

Matching gloves could give someone "the clap"!!! You are Cliff are both too funny. No wonder you're published.