Wednesday, October 01, 2008

union break

Remember last October? When I blogged about a number each day? 
I decided to do something similar this October to get back in the habit of posting every day. I tossed several ideas around my head. ABCs? I was a little cranky when I was thinking about that idea and was coming up with A is for Asshat, B is for Broke, C is for Crabby, D is for get the idea - I scrapped that thought. I though about asking for suggestions from you all, but I didn't get that done - P is for procrastinate. 

I decided to rip off the great blogger, Arnie for October, at least. My goal is to post one (and only one!) photograph --- from that day, and write about it. I can't believe how hard it is. 

So, with out further ado....

Dad volunteers at Second Helpings on Wednesdays. I love it because I get a little Dad time and we get to see each other out of our usual father/daughter roles. I've really enjoyed seeing Dad make new friends. The things that make me roll my daughter eyes other people find charming. He is a great volunteer and everyone loves it when he's there. 

Around 9:30 Dad and his buddies take a "union break." I always try to make sure I have a diet Pepsi ready for him. Dad is known for foraging for a box of cookies or other sweets from the dock. 

I love it when I can join them. There are always stories (some taller than others) and current events. Dad and I hash out plans for any events and discuss family news. As much as possible I try to be around for the union break - it is one of my favorite times of the week. 

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