Tuesday, September 30, 2008

month end wrap-up

September was busy - lots of work and meetings with a good dose of fun sprinkled in.
Here is the stuff I couldn't get organized enough to write about.

My friend Scott introduced me to the wondrous Flowing Well Park. As you can see I didn't plan properly - I only brought the glass jar. It was delicious water and a fun field trip.

My cousin Diane married the lovely Tony in Chicago and they threw a fun reception for the Indiana folks. The wedding featured all of my favorite things - cake, love, BBQ, open bar, music and a bouncy house. Pictured exiting the bounce house is June Bug, Nora and the bride (in green). I belong to the fabulous Riviera Club. When I managed the coffeehouse I used to live at the pool during the summer - sometimes spending five hours a day swimming, reading and napping. I am not able to take as much advantage of it now, but I still love it. I spent Labor Day weekend trying to squeeze in a whole summer of swimming.

Beth and I were honored to be Eucharistic Minsters for Uncle Cletus' Funeral Mass. He was buried in his WWII uniform. He was buried with the full military rites. You can see my dad saluting in the background. This photo brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it.

After the funeral dinner (where I ate a whole weeks worth of Weight Watchers points in fried chicken, green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes, gravy and pie) I hitched a ride with my cousin Chuck on his Harley Davidson. It was a blast, riding down the road in my dress. It is is very out of character for Miss Safety First to ride without a helmet. That said, I trust my cousin Chuck with my life and I said a little prayer that all of the other drivers would be just as careful.

I love line-cooking day at Second Helpings. I'm surrounded by friends and family and lots of laughter. Pictured: Mom, Nora, Ann Herr Mitchell and Mrs. Herr. My friend Kristi did a great job and we're roping her in to volunteering for every line cooking.

And later that night...as evidenced by the same dress....I attended a fundraiser/fashion show for Dress for Success. I love what Dress for Success does- outfitting women for job interviews and providing work clothes. I ran in to cousin Nina (granddaughter of Cletus and MaryAlice).

Talk Like a Pirate Day. Who can resist a chick in a mustache and tattoo?

Work Day at Tammy's. My dear friend Tammy is having twins. A great groups of troops rallied to paint, patch and assemble. I surprised Jerry on a ladder, not a good idea. I guess I'm not the brightest light bulb in the pack.


I had a total meltdown the day before my trip when I realized that my drivers licence was not in my wallet. I needed it to rent the car in Austin. I could always use my passport for i.d. for the plane and to get my press pass, but I had to have the licence for the car.

I combed my house, truck, brief case, pants pockets and anywhere else I could think that I might possibly have left it. No luck. I looked online to see what I needed for a duplicate licence. There were four absolute requirements and the passport could cover two of them, proof of residence was easily covered with a piece of postmarked mail. I was totally screwed on the proof of Social Security number. I certainly didn't have my original SS card - I'm not sure that I've ever seen it. It might be locked away at the farm. And I had no time to go to the SS office to get a letter stating that I'd applied for a duplicate card.

One of my co-workers convinced me to go to the licence branch just to see what they would say. I couldn't believe it when I laid my stuff down on the counter.
Do you know your SS number?
Yes and I rattled off the number, it got punched in to the computer.
Okay, that will be $10, get your photograph taken over there.

My "woo hoo I can rent a car" side wanted to do a victory dance. My social justice "none of our students could have gotten away with this" side was a little miffed, but quickly got over it.

I took this photo with my iPhone as I left the branch.

Last week I got this letter in the mail with my drivers licence tucked in it. I was scheduled to give a talk at 5:45 in the morning at a factory. I checked in to the guard house at 5:30 (I had to leave my house at 5:00) and no one ever came to fetch me. I finally left at 6:15, never using the factory ID that I was issued. The guy forgot to give me my drivers licence when I handed him the ID. Fine, its early in the morning. But why did it take three weeks to mail it back? I probably would have gotten a good laugh out of the whole thing if the letter didn't imply that I'd messed up....I never left the guard house and I was never told the meeting was cancelled.

On the bright side: I like my new photograph better and now the weight is actually right.

Here's to a new month. Cheers!


Ralph said...

Quite the month there Nora. I've left my drivers license at a few of those buildings as well. I always had to drive back over and get it. And yes, every time they made you think it was your fault. I don't ever recall saying, "Here hold on to my drivers license for me."
It does look like you startled Jerry.
I read your Austin post about getting the keys stuck in the ignition - sorry, but that did make me laugh.
Have a good October.

LZ Blogger said...

Nora - It looks like both you AND Jerry and havin' a FUN TIME! ~ jb///

Jerry said...

I think that photo was taken shortly before I dropped the light bulb and it shattered in a million pieces. Luckily it wasn't one of those mercury filled screwy bulbs.

What a month. If I did that I think there would be lots of repetition. Kinda like Groundhog Day.

Rachel said...

You look better without the mustache Nora!!

Jerry does look startled! What a mess when a bulb breaks!!

Scott said...

Nora- The photo from your Uncle Cletus' funeral reminded me of two funerals of my Uncles. They were both WWII veterans, and were from small Indiana towns. They both had full Military Honors, and were quite touching. I realized how small town Indiana those ceremonies were, and how often through the years that they occur. I enjoy your blog, and hope to run into you someday.