Thursday, October 09, 2008


I swear that I've had a headache since I was in Austin. I keep blaming allergies and general busyness.

I did some yard work after work-work. When I say 'yard work,' I mean that I dumped the dirt from the pots of mums that I let die in to the hole in my front yard and stepped on it to tamp it down. No matter how much dirt, plant parts and twigs I've packed in there over the years the hole keeps getting bigger and I keep tripping over it.

I wandered in the house and tried to make myself do house work, but decided to take a little break and read. Under the covers. Watching That 70s Show. And closing my eyes for just a minute....

I woke up six hours later, disoriented and in a panic. About everything. Work, the economy, my truck, my mortgage payment, insurance, my social life, my age, family, my cat, Everything.

It's going to be a long weekend.


bad influence girl said...

You know, I felt weird after coming back from Austin, too. Must just be the change in climate.

Or, in my case, something slightly more serious.

Cliff said...

Those holes in the yards never seem to get full do they?
On the election below. Your campaign does interest me. You'd be far better qualified than the two clowns we have running.
I'm voting for the first person to say we must cut taxes but first lets cut all spending by 50%. And by the way...NO NEW SOCIAL PROGRAMS.

DashingFabrics said...

I can't help myself........did someone make that cathedral window quilt on the bed? That's not an easy block to make.

Ralph said...

I hate waking up like that. When I do it is usually in the middle of the night. Then I lay there and worry until I get up. Not a good way to start the day.