Friday, October 03, 2008

woooo hoooo!

Graduation days at Second Helpings are always special, but sometimes I bond with a class more than others. Class 51 was one of those classes. 

I always love seeing how the students change over the course of the ten weeks. They have a chance to stretch their skills and self confidence during the class and it sure is fun to watch. 

If you look closely at this photograph you'll see a police officer wiping a tear from his eye. One of the graduates was thanking the officer for believing in them and not giving up. 

If I'm frustrated or angry I let out a big "wooooo hoooo" - think Homer Simpson. I've done it for years in restaurant kitchens. It is a good stress reliever and much better than a blurting out a cuss word. During the line cooking exercise there were a lot of good natured woooo hoooos flying around the kitchen. 

Each of the students gave a great graduation talk, with several of them thanking Miss Wooooo Hoooo. 

I was the teary one standing against the wall. 


Kirsten said...

The first thing I saw looking at this post was that police officer. And reading your words, I got all kinds of choked up.

Thank you, Nora, for all that you do and for how much you help others to see what they can do in the world. This city is so very lucky to have you!

Rachel said...

Kudo's to you Nora for all you do!! This must have been a very touching day for you and a proud one!