Thursday, August 07, 2008

indiana state fair day 2

I didn't get home from work until 8:00. I threw on jeans and jumped on my bike and was looking at rabbits and roosters by 8:15.

Tonight's dinner:  steak sandwich. Yummy. 

I love the King Tater potato chips. They spiral cut a potato with a blade attached to a drill. The whole thing is brilliant. I was lurking around the stand trying to talk myself out of ordering a plate of the greasy salty goodness. 

Then I saw this: 

Talked myself right out of it. 

I ran to see the world's largest boar before I changed my mind. 

There was a pretty cute guy chatting me up in front of Harley (1121 pounds). The conversation was going well until the guy started talking about the pig's, um, rocky mountain oysters. I fled. 

I was looking forward to the Indiana's Got Game display. There were a few cool things and some artifacts, but not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be. 

I walked through the midway on the way home. 

It was a gorgeous night. 


bad influence girl said...

I'm not sure there is a man on the face of this earth who can stand in front of the World's Largest Boar and NOT start talking about, um....Rocky Mountain Oysters. It does make for an awkward pick-up line, though.

Maybe I'll see you at the fair tonight. I'll be the lardass at the King's Taters booth.

Kim said...

King Taters = 1000+ points.

You did good with your will of steel and all.

I can't wait for my Dole whip and an ear of roasted corn tomorrow night! Maybe Wayne and I will run into you.

King Tiger said...

yeah but did you get the deep fried frozen stick of butter dipped in hardshell chocolate with sprinkles on a stick?

Jim said...

Hey Nora, that is really neat that you can bike to your State Fair. We have to drive the four hours to Dallas for ours. We have never been even if we did live in Texas since 1964.
The Nebraska State Fair was the last I have ever been too, back then they were racing 1955 Ford Thunderbirds at the track.

You know the size you get is in the genes, not the food you eat. Next time you go, let your stomach be your guide on that yummie food.

My sister will be going to the Iowa State Fair Monday, it just opened. She will have "a corn dog (breakfast), pork chop on a stick
( hang onto the bone...really good!), and probably mini cinnamon rolls, along with Diet Coke. I printed off twelve pages of 2008 Fair Food, so ... I might have a cheese cake on a stick (frozen wedge of cheese cake, of course with a stick frozen in the wide end, dipped in hot chocolate when you order.
Sooooooooo good."

She follows my rule, lets her stomach be her guide. And I don't think she is any bigger than I am!

Granny Annie said...

Why didn't you say hello when you took my picture at King Taters?

Good job on the will power girl.

Cliff said...

Man: look at the size of those...hams.
I loved this post. And all the others I've missed while away.
Now that you've had a chuckle lets get on with it.
I want to hire you to remodel our basement. Wow!

Rockwell Sexton said...

I was telling Matt about the cock barn! I just love looking at all those crazy roosters! We haven't been yet :( can't wait to go, so currently I'm a little jealous!

Monica said...

wow we dont have things like that here!!!!! It all seems so cool!!!

Rachel said...

That poor fat pig. How dare someone talk about his oysters! Ick! That is one dish I have never tried, nor do I wish to.

I've loving the fair and you did well to bypass the King Tater chips! So nice of that woman to give you inspiration like that!!