Saturday, August 09, 2008

indiana state fair day 4

I almost didn't make it to the fair today, but you know how I love having a theme to blog about.

After Scott and I got home from the fair last night (10:45-ish) I washed my face and drove to Broad Ripple for a Second Friday, Second Helpings concert. I didn't get home until after 2:00. 

I had to meet a repair man at Second Helpings at 6:30. I'm sure that you're not surprised that I threw on the same jeans and top I'd been wearing the night before to drive downtown. I got a lot of work done at my desk (including the previous post). I gave a tour to a group at 9:30 and got them started in the kitchen. 

From there I swung by a friend's yard sale, dumped off my recycling and deposited a check. I contemplated going home for a nap, but made myself go grocery shopping. This dieting crap requires healthy food, right? I promised myself that I could be sleeping with in the hour. 

I walked out with a watermelon, asparagus, yogurt and bananas. I set my bag in the back of my truck and fumbled for my keys. The keys that were still dangling from the ignition. F dash dash dash. I was hot, exhausted and pissed off. And I had my sound system in the back of the truck. I'd stuck the PA, the box of cords and the microphones on the drivers seat while I was in the store. The speakers, speaker stands and mic stands were in the back. With the recycling bins and a watermelon rolling around. 

Once I calmed down I realized that I could walk to the Hostel (1.5 miles) and get my spare keys, and then ride my bike back. I called John to ask if he had the keys (from the basement project). He had them . In his hands. In Nashville, TN. I must confess to being a bit crabby to John. 


The sound system I was hauling around was for a band that was playing at the Hostel. John would not be back until 6:00-ish. I had be at work at the Red Key at 5:00. 

I called Heck of a Gal for a ride, thinking that we could drop off the speakers and my groceries and I could nap in the hammock or break in to my house. 

As I was pouting and beating myself up I realized that the drivers side window was down a few inches. I could stick my skinny little wrist through it, but no way could I turn my arm enough to lift up the lock. 

I put my MacGyver hat on, ran in to the deli and asked to borrow at stainless steel ladle. I had to do a lot of convincing and even offered to buy it. It worked. I was able to stick the bowl part and twist the handle though the opening. I was able to pull up the lock. Wheeeeee!

I was so relieved that I went home and loaded 30 chairs in to the truck and unloaded them and the sound system at the Hostel. In the heat. I did some serious debating with myself and headed to the fair anyway. 

The fair contracts with the Deaf School to used their grounds for parking. I like parking there, it is easy to get out and its on the close to home side of the grounds. 

I also like making the occasional trip to the fair by myself. The FFA kids run a store that is stocked with Indiana products. I love poking around there. I bought some Ball Jar products and my very favorite caramels. 

I checked out the fiddle contest and found a bevy of fair queens. 

I don't think they're counting Weight Watchers points. 

Here are the winners from the annual fiddle contest.

I walked over the brand spankin' new covered bridge. 

We like our corn in Indiana. 

The sky looked like it might rain, but it never did. So far the fair weather has been perfect.

Todays fair food: Grilled cheese sandwich from the Dairy Barn. They have a sandwich this year. It sure was Gouda!

I walked out of the fair grounds toward the Deaf School. I veered off of the sidewalk and walked toward where the truck was. I came to a 3 foot chain link fence and realized that I should have stayed on the sidewalk. Crap. I walked along the fence row and saw that I'd have to back track quite a way. A young couple had done the same thing. They suggested that we jump the fence. I was frustrated enough to do it. Ha! 

You know what happened next. My truck was actually in the fenced in part. I'd walked by it. I had to jump the damn thing again. 

I finally made it home and took a big fat nap. 

I was late to work because I sliced my little finger on the cellophane wrap box packing a healthy dinner and I was out of whack all night. I broke a glass - only the second in the five years I've worked there. I brought the wrong drinks and had to keep confirming what food people ordered - and since I'm the waitress and the cook, timing is everything. 

A friend came in and I was telling her how off kilter I was. I tapped my forehead with the end of my pen as I was talking. As it turned out, the ink end of the pen. I'd written on my forehead. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't poke my eye. 

Tomorrow is another [state fair] day. 


Jim said...

Hi Nora. Well, you survived, that is something to be thankful for. ;-)
When I wear the jeans I wore the night before invariably a little later I find that I had spilled mustard or something not good on them. Some washes out in the RR and then dry with the blow dryer, other times not washable that easy.
I am glad you are enjoying the fair. Wish I were (there).

Kirsten said...

Goodness - what a day!

My family, including my 7 and 9 year-old nieces, went to the fair on Saturday. As those very same princesses walked by and smiled ingratiatingly at my older niece, she turned to Ben and said something to this effect:"That girl thinks she's so special, just because she has that crown, and I think it's disgusting."

Girl's got spunk.

Also, that gouda was good-a! (argh)

Teresa said...

You poor thing. I don't care what the points are--you need to have yourself a deep fried Snickers tonight, a lemonade shakeup and roasted corn!

bad influence girl said...

Hell, at that rate, those princesses are going to be competing in the "top heifer" contest in a couple of years.

Zoinks, did I type that out loud?

I hope your weekend got better.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I think I might have been mad enough to do something that made the papers. You stay WAY too cool Nora. I'm off to read more that I've missed.

Cliff said...

Sorry, the comment above was mine. Cliff
remember me?

Janell said...

Your state fair sounds like a great time.

I went through a period a couple years ago where I locked my keys in my pickup about 4 times in one month. Never did manage to pick a convenient time for it to happen. So yeah, I so get the f dash dash dash.

Rachel said...

Gosh Nora! I think you need more sleep! I'm so glad you were able to get the door unlocked. That was a close one! With all that fence jumping you are bound to lose weight!