Wednesday, August 06, 2008

47 things about me

the morning of my birthday

My plan was do to this on my birthday (May 19), to follow up on last year's 46 things about me. It was languishing on my computer until I was inspired by Bella Rossa's 63 things about her.

I too, am so swamped that this is also the last thing I should be doing, but also because several of the things on our list are very similar. Bella is quite a bit younger than I am but we both started out in the same small town. She's immersed her self in comedy in Chicago and I've been called the godmother of acoustic music in Indianapolis. And we both were painfully shy when we were young. I always say that I was just saving up all my socializing and conversation for when I got older. We both have tattoos that we forget about. I'm sitting on mine, don't know about hers. Like Bella I've very allergic to several foods, but I never want to make a fuss. Of course, leaving in an ambulance would make a fuss also.

So, with out further ado:

1. No one is more surprised by my life than I am.

2. I always wake up happy -- no matter how angry I was when I went to sleep or how I wake up. I always worry that if I heard a burglar in the house my first thought would be "Ooooh, fun! I have company!"

3. I'm working on coming to terms with my messy desk. It works for me, okay people?

4. I have over 50 paintings by local artists. I'm out of wall space.

5. I am a night owl who wakes up early. Naps are a necessity.

6. My favorite font is Georgia

7. My favorite state is Indiana. Seriously. I love where I live.

8. I'm a procrastinator- as you can tell from this two and a half month late post.

9. I have only-in-my-head conversations with both of my grandmothers. I hope to be as kind and thoughtful has they were.

10. Peppermint yummy. Spearmint yucky.

11. I'm allergic to tons of stuff - foods, animals and the great outdoors. Sometimes I wish I could live in a bubble.

12. I have enough black skirts to open a museum, but only one pair of black pants.

13. The top two days of my life: when my niece and nephew were born.

14. Cover story baby! Read it here.

15. I'm really afraid of heights and I thought the way to cure it was to jump out of an airplane. I took the lessons and got as far as standing on the wing of a small plane. I was so sure that I didn't want to do it that I jumped over the instructor and a good chunk of air to get back in to the plane.

16. I either wanted to be Nancy Drew or a librarian when I grew up.

17. I build a nest where ever I am. I'm always surrounded by books, glasses of water, papers and my computer.

18. I sweat over grammar. And I'm typically wrong. Or am I usually wrong? Damnit! Damn it?

19. I've been to Ireland twice and I can't wait to go back.

20. The word donkey always makes me laugh.

21. I've always wanted a pony. I'm not sure what I would do with it, but I want one.

22. I was a ten year 4-H member. I only lasted one year with sewing. I loved home furnishings (refinishing furniture) and food preparation.

23. I'm not a dancer. It makes me feel weird and self conscious. You have fun, go ahead and hit the dance floor with out me. I'll be right over there, in the back - where I belong.

24. I wish I was as witty as Dorothy Parker.

25. I love any songs about astronauts.

26. I'm not a fan of hugging, but I'm working on it.

27. My cat's name is Felix, named for the musician who was staying at my house when I found him.
28. I think 'deadline' means when I should start writing. If the deadline is Monday morning, I'll start Sunday night, goof around until midnight then set my alarm for 5:00 so I can actually write the article.

29. I say 'seriously' way too much. Seriously.

30. I think that Facebook rocks.

31. I write about music, but I'm not a critic.

32. There barely a corner of my house that is not stacked with books.

33. I'm very impatient. Now get out of my way. Please. Thank you.

34. I can't stop volunteering. But, I really need to.

35. I hate the word 'puke.' It makes me what to throw up.

36. I bite my nails.

37. I am a State Fair junkie. I've been known to go every single day its open. Sometimes in the winter I walk by the fairgrounds to remind myself that summer will come around eventually.

38. I often have absolutely no idea what people are talking about. Smiling and nodding serves me well.

39. I've never owned a car that was not made by General Motors.

40. I rarely sleep through the night. I move to the sofa so often that I keep my travel alarm clock in the drawer of my coffee table.

41. I believe in the Golden Rule.

42. I have an autographed photograph of Johnny Cash in my living room.

43. I bought a Waterford jar in Ireland to storeTwizzlers.

44. My dream date is a cowboy. That has taken a shower. And reads. And plays pedal steel guitar. And is funny.

45. People Magazine is my guilty pleasure.

46. I can't finish a crossword puzzle without looking at the answers.

47. I never pass up the chance to sniff a baby's head, jump on a trampoline or coast on a shopping cart through a parking lot.


Janell said...

I gather today isn't your birthday? If it is, Happy birthday! If not, when is it? I like your self portrait.

I know a cowboy who bathes, reads, is funny and plays acoustic guitar. Shall I send him your way?

Jim said...

Hey Nora, I wouldn't do all that in one sitting for anything! It WAS a lot of work! When I make meme's sometimes I get it done in using the 'installment plan.'
[BTW, I know your BDay is in May!]

You have written a lot of blogs since Blogstock and you finally got back. I have been posting fairly regularly but have been slow on the reading part. A lot has gone on around here that isn't on the blog.
Oh yes, if you'da called I would have to come help with that dinner. I'm glad you had all the high priced help and publicity.
I like your electric range, Mom had one similar to that with a built in crockpot cooker. It stayed abandoned in the old farm house but the last time we were there I'm thinking it had been 'recycled.'


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a GREAT list! Very very interesting and filled with so many and varied pieces of information about you! GOOD JOB!

King Tiger said...

nice post.
No. 20 - this one is for you but you have to wait till almost 3:30 in teh play -

Thanks for the comments too.

Elizabeth McQuern said...


I always wake up happy -- no matter how angry I was when I went to sleep or how I wake up.

I envy you this. I always wake up anxious, no matter what. The only variation is in what concrete issues my conscious mind decides to pin that feeling on.

I'm working on coming to terms with my messy desk.

Me, too. Maybe we should start a support group. I keep meaning to take this guy's advice.

I have only-in-my-head conversations with both of my grandmothers. I hope to be as kind and thoughtful has they were.

This is very sweet.

I've been to Ireland twice and I can't wait to go back.

I love Ireland. Though, unlike you, I'm only a smidgen Irish, I felt a lot more at home in Ireland than in what's more properly my motherland, Germany. (Although Germany is nice...the language barrier was an issue.)

I love any songs about astronauts.

Me, too! Thanks to my incredibly thoughtful boyfriend, I now have my first piece of science fiction jewelry. I love all things sci-fi.

I say 'seriously' way too much. Seriously.

Every time I tell my roommate Nellie, she says "literally" too much, she points out that I say "viscerally" all the time. It's true.

I bought a Waterford jar in Ireland to store Twizzlers.

This makes perfect sense to me.