Wednesday, August 06, 2008

indiana state fair day 1

I am a State Fair junkie. The fair opened today. The fairgrounds are just a mile down the Monon Trail from my backyard.

I jumped on my bike- still in my work skirt and met up with Tammy on the trail. Note my fancy basket and horn .

We were looking forward to touring the giant colon, but it closed at 6:00 [Crabbydad insert joke here].

We saw cows.

And more cows.

And rode the tram.

And ran in to friends.

The weather was just perfect.
The pork chop sandwich rocked also.

I loved the shadows on the trail on the way home.

Taking that photograph is a testament to my balancing skills. And my grabbing the camera out of my basket by the strap. And my taking the lens cap off with my teeth. And not getting kicked off the trail by the 5-0 since it was after dark and the trail was technically closed.


Jerry said...

I went to the fair tonight too, to the Band Day finals. The weather was perfect.

Missed the giant colon. I'll have to go back.

Kim said...

We are going to the fair Saturday evening. Food on a stick--woo HOOO! Somehow, a tour of the giant colon seems to logically follow this yearly tradition!

crabbydad said...

[I'll bet you could get into the closed colon exhibit through the back door.]

Sorry, that's the best I could do.

nora said...

Bravo Kim and Crabbydad!

I'm not good at the poo jokes. Too busy blushing.

Ironically, I can cuss like a drunken pirate. I just avoid any words that have to do with BMs.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I love the "bike's eye view" photo. Totally neato.