Sunday, August 17, 2008

indiana state fair day 12

I rode my bike to the [sniff] last day of the fair to meet Tammy, Cara and Holly. I got there just as Cara and Holly finished getting a Henna tattoos.

We walked around the whole fair, stopping at Pioneer Village. There as an old log cabin in the building. 
I'd written about Dick Reel and his great bench in the Broad Ripple Gazette. I stopped by to say goodbye and see if he'd read the piece and to see how the bench went at the auction. The bench did really well, $1200 and his buddies were teasing him about that and the article, calling him the saint of Pioneer Village. Here is his halo. 

The true patron saint of (Purdue Ag Alumni) Pioneer Village is Maurice Williamson. 

I'm not sure how long he has managed the Village. I do know that it has grown tremendously under his guidance. The Associations efforts with its agricultural museum collection continued to develop and prosper. In 1961 the Pioneer Farm and Home Show Exhibit started at the fair. It It was housed in the balcony of the grandstand. It quickly grew out of the space. In 1966 it was moved to the Purdue Building, in 1967 to the Horticulture Building and in 1968 a new building constructed.

We checked out more animals. I thought I'd spare you all another photograph of the World's Largest Boar. These horses are much prettier and smell a little better also. 

It was fun looking at all of the goodies for sale along the main drag. Lots of giggles, no purchases. 

We did succumb to the call of the potato-y goodness of King Taters. We were walking with our piping hot plate of chips when I heard my name called from the tractor tram. 

My cousin Leo, his wife Luci and daughter Nina. I jumped on the tram with them to visit as we rode to their exit. In my excitement, I took the plate of potato chips with me. In a true testament to my willpower, I got off the tram with most of the potatoes still on the plate. 

I rendezvoused (am I using that word correctly?) with the girls at the Lumberjack competition. It was standing room only. The bleachers were full of women. In case you were wondering why women were so attracted to the manly sport of lumber jack contests I'll let the photographs do the talking. 

As you can see the weather was amazing. And the weather was the real star this year. The temperatures were moderate, hardly any humidity and only one short rain the whole 12 days. 

The theme of the 2008 Indiana State Fair: The Year of Indiana Trees. They did a great job of showcasing Indiana trees, forests and the lumber industry. I learned a ton of stuff. 
-Indiana grows 40% more wood than we use. 
-The forest product industry is the fourth largest manufacturing industry in the state. 
-Indiana has 4.6 million acres of forests. 
-Most common woods: Oak, Hickory, Ash, Maple, Poplar, Maple, Walnut and Cherry. 
-I'll be paying attention to the Lumberjack World Competition next year. Go Derek and Bobby!

I jumped on my bike and rode home. 
Another successful state fair under my (getting smaller) belt. 


Rachel said...

Seeing the lumberjacks would be fun! Too bad it's the last day of the fair Nora, but you have enjoyed it.

Interesting facts about Indiana.

Jim said...

I hope you are having a good weekend, Nora. I know you enjoyed the fair a lot and it is sooooo good that you can ride your bike there. Saves on gas and parking fees.
You sky in the lumber jack ladies climbing the pole second picture is great. The Skywatchers would like it a lot. We do that on Fridays, I have it on my Little Photo Place blog. I am # 46 on this list:
Bobbie is # 29.

Janell said...

I watched a lumberjack competition in Colorado once. It was fascinating.

I just want to add one more word about your sausagefest post and your other state fair posts; YUM.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'd love to watch those lumberjack competitions.
I'm glad the weather was great for the fair.
No purchases?? I'm assuming that was just for day 12, because if you could go without making any purchases for all 12 days, then you, my friend, have willpower.
I'd love to taste them tater chips too, also, as well!!
I've always wanted to get a Henna tattoo and freak my family out. Taylor would faint, then he'd whine because of how unfair I've been by forbidding him to get one.

Tee said...

What great pics and it looks like beautiful weather for riding a bicycle :) ... So, you didn't snag one of those lumberjacks, huh? LOL.

Ralph said...

I liked the halo, chuckled at the tee shirt and loved the them - The Year of Indiana Trees.

Teresa said...

Will you simply be in heaven when the fair expands to 17 days next year??

Monica said...

I love this fair, I wish they had them here like this!!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Nora, you are a sporadic blogger. You post a lot, then you go on hiatus.
Of course, I'm not one to talk since I've been quite hit and miss during July & August.
I'll check back soon hoping to find a new post.
I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend.