Tuesday, August 12, 2008

indiana state fair day 7

...and on the seventh day she rested...or worked too late to make it to the fairgrounds. Even with my rabid love the fair, I couldn't justify going at 9:30 p.m.


bad influence girl said...

That's OK, I went for you. We watched the Percheron and Belgian 6-horse team hitch. Gorgeous. I love the announcer--it's always the same guy every year for the horses--but especially the woman playing the organ in the middle of the dirt coliseum floor. She was wearing off-white pumps, and I wondered whether she actually walked to the organ through all that dirt or whether they just carried her in on the bench.

Jim said...

Hey Nora, I'm sooooo jealous. We don't have our state fair close at all, it is in Dallas (not our state capital, Austin).
I looked here for your Day 7 post and found you loafing around. :-)
Really though, thank you for telling all about it so good!
What will you do now that it is over or is their a Day 8?

King Tiger said...

I just posted the video for you.

Ralph said...

Glad you rested. I was getting tired just getting caught up on the posts. Seriously, it sounds like a good time.

Cliff said...

Nora wrote:I know some of you think I'm nuts for going to the state fair so often,
No Nora, it's not because of that.

This has got to be one of the best State Fair reviews I've seen. You're the best!!

King Tiger said...

Donkey, donkey, donkey.
(inside joke)