Monday, July 02, 2007

new month

When I started this blog I pictured doing a photo blog, but that was not meant to be. This is my third camera in eight months.
My first digital camera was very old, especially in the world of digital cameras.
It was dropped when my brother grabbed while we were dancing. Since we were both dancing, you can bet that there was alcohol involved.

I purchased this camera in January:

It was okay for general picture taking, but cruddy in low light situations.
And I hang out in a lot of dark places.
It is nice when I can illustrate my Broad Ripple Gazette column with photos. I was taking laughably bad ones, even when I was standing on the stage, three feet from the musician.

As you can see, this camera was also dropped. Yes, my brother was involved. It was at a baseball game. The lens cover would never open or close the whole way, leaving a dark shadow in the corner of every photo. My crappy photos became even crappier.

I decided to buy a camera that would actually do what I needed it to. I was looking for a camera with lens that I could adjust manually, has low light capabilities, and the ability to turn off the flash at a flick of the dial. I'm not good a squinting in to the little screen when I'm standing in a crowd.
The Fuji S6000fd digital camera is perfect for me. I did research on-line and checked it out at my local camera shop. I'm very tactile, I need to hold something before I buy it and I really believe in shopping locally. In this case it paid off handsomely, the camera was $200 less than the Fuji Web site.

What I don't believe in are purchase protection plans. The woman was telling me about the repair coverage I could get on the camera and I was only half listening, nodding politely, knowing that I was not going to "fall for it."

Then she said it covered everything but fire and theft.

What if my little brother drops it?
What if I'm pool side with my niece and nephew and it drops in the water?
What if I'm next to the stage and get caught up in a mosh pit?
What if I leave it on the back of the truck with the tail gate down and I run over it?
What if I'm at a Ted Nugent concert, and a sweaty guy carrying two beers and playing air-guitar tries to kiss me and spills beer on the camera?

She said "yes" to everything. I think she's still praying for me.

And I'm not letting J.R. touch it.
If only I could go back to the day that I let him play with my Skipper doll...she might still have a head.

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