Wednesday, July 04, 2007

good craic

It was a lovely Independence Day Eve.
Several friends wound up at the Red Key and we had a jolly time.
I perfected my "fart on a griddle routine" and table hopped all night.
The Irish word "craic" was on my mind the whole evening.

I'm very excited about tomorrow, I just love the Fourth of July parade in Lebanon.
The day is full of tradition for me.
I have the day planned down to the flavor of ice cream cone I'm getting and the nap in my old bedroom.


Rachel said...

Enjoy and Happy 4th!!!

Cliff said...

Have a great Independence Day celebration. I love the 4th also. The word craic has never run thru my mind before. Not even for a second. I think that shows a low level of education from this old country school bumpkin.

nora said...

This bumpkin learned the word from an Irish bumpkin in Dublin. I'm no match for the talking and whiskey drinking in the mother country.
When Dad and I got back I had to stop him from asking folks if they were having "good craic" --craic is pronounced "crack."

Teresa said...

Happy 4th of July!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!
Have a blast today!!

The phrase "fart on a griddle" cracks me up!!