Wednesday, July 11, 2007

grocery shopping

Can't tell I'm a single woman by my grocery purchases, can ya?

And yes, I busted in to the Pringles on the way home.


Rachel said...

Looks like you are prepared!! Taking care of the cat too! Diet Pepsi and reduced fat Pringles! Just what we need!!

Rachel said...

Except I like Diet Coke better!! :)

Cliff said...

You are so correct. I don't know one married woman who watches Oprah.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Looks like you went a little heavy on the cat food.

Jamie Dawn said...

Reduced Fat Pringles???
Reduced Fat = Reduced Taste
Eat the regular kind and just run around your block three times.

When I grocery shop, my cart is so burdened and overloaded, I can barely push the thing to my car.
I think it's nice that you can leave the store without getting a hernia from the weight of your purchases.

Have a non-hitonious weekend, okay??!!!

Bella Rossa said...

A million years ago (college-ish) I lived with two guys, in Indianapolis. One of them had worked out the perfect formula for the bachelor's shopping list:

1. Chapstick
2. Toilet paper
3. Beer

Even in the middle of the worst Indiana blizzard, you could order in for pizza (another essential), so as long as you had that holy trinity covered, you were a-okay.

Bella Rossa said...
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Kim said...

Hey, that's not nearly as bad as when you buy Advil, Tampax and a big chocolate bar.

Everybody knows what's up, and they back away slowly...

Cliff said...

I'm glad to see you're as busy as I and haven't had time to blog. We're off to a family reunion and to get the answers we've all sought all of these years. Why was there no life guard at our gene pool.
I have a package for you. Any chance you can pick it up? I can't seem to make it to town to have it shipped.

Teresa said...

I get that mag in the mail, otherwise our carts would look pretty similar.

Tee said...

LOL - ENJOY IT! Man, I miss the trips my sister and I would take to CVS just buying candy and junk food, sodas and magazines, etc.

Now I have to buy responsible stuff like family size chicken breast, gallons of milk and fresh broccoli... SIGH.


Jamie Dawn said...

I just got around to updating my blogroll, and I added you to it.
We are now official blog buddies, whether you like it or not!!