Friday, September 18, 2009

hello....anyone still out there?

Um, hi. Is there anyone out there? Can you hear me? I don't blame you if you're gone.
I've been busy doing boring life stuff - keeping all of the balls in the air and trying to be a good employee, daughter, writer and hostess. And keep the house picked up and the basement clean and the grass mowed and the truck from falling apart and the weight off.

I got to write about one of my favorite things this summer - the Indiana State Fair. Read my Top 10 picks by clicking here.

I also went to the State Fair each day. It almost killed me! You can follow that here.

I'm committing to checking in here more often.
Pinky swear


Terah said...

I keep thinking that if I spent less time on Facebook then I'd have plenty of time to write down all the blog post ideas that are floating around in my head!

Granny Annie said...

I can find you on facebook but I really miss you being here. Is that right that you have not posted since June?!!! We shall hold you to that pinky swear.

Ralph said...

Glad your back.

Cliff said...

What a refreshing read Dear Nora. You're one of my favorite writer and now you're back. Yippee. This was great stuff. I'll admit I had to stay to see what the heck the nipple deal was.

Anonymous said...

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