Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have to admit that I feel like I've been cheating on this blog with Facebook. Facebook makes it so easy to post photos and give quick updates. If I could have invented a way for me to communicate it would be Facebook.

And I get to keep up with Rachel, Lacy, Jamie Dawn, Gette, Kim, Jerry, Cara, Teresa, Elizabeth, Crabbydad, Kirsten, Kent, John, Terah, Jenny and Annie there.

For a while I was cheating on Facebook with Twitter - Monica is over there too, but I couldn't keep up with that very well.

Here is my Facebook page: NORA -- if you're in the neighborhood.


Brenda said...

It's great you are blogging again!
Facebook is good and fine too, but in a different way. It's fun and brief and immediately gratifying. But blogging can get those creative juices flowing and demands more thought, introspection, and can say more!

Teresa said...

I am a cheater, too. I admit it.
But, Brenda is correct. I will try and do a better job of being creative.

When can I come and meet you???? It HAS to happen this year!

Scott said...

Good to see you back here at chez pez. Facebook is the way everyone keeps up these days, and it works well. But there is something about a blog that is all yours. Thanks for the email, I'll send one back to let you know how things are in my world.

Gette said...

Yay! I keep thinking I will do the quick-n-dirty on FB, and expand and create on my blog, but so far, the whole expansion creativity thing is not happenin' Bummer.

Jerry in Indiana said...

I do like the picture thing on Facebook. We just had a family reunion, and I've got a mutual place to post the pics now.

Teresa is right. You two need to meet, and I need to be there too.

Cliff said...

I'm dragging my feet.