Thursday, September 24, 2009

cut (and let's be honest, color)

Michael cutting my hair today.

There are a lot of things I tackle on my own - mowing grass, shoveling snow, light plumbing, hand-washing things that say 'dry clean only' and computer repair.

I can live without central air-conditioning, cable and a fancy car. I'm happy to buy generic brands and shop at the Dollar Store.

I will not compromise on having my hair cut and colored professionally. I first got my hair colored before a trip to New Mexico to meet my then boyfriend's friends. Aaron is seven years younger and I was very nervous about meeting his friends and didn't want to look old. It was pre-cougar culture.

I thought my hair looked too dark and too big, but the greys were gone so I guessed it was okay. Plus I have a really hard time breaking up with people, be it the people who cut my hair, bagel or pizza. I'd sooner move then change dentist, doctor or hair dresser. Plus the woman who cut my hair bought coffee from me every day, so it would be awkward to break it off and I hate awkward.

We had another hair dresser that also came in for coffee each morning. I shyly started asking him questions: Where did he work? Did he have room for another client? How far out was he booked? I finally asked if he would cut my hair, and he said he'd been waiting for me to ask! He also coached me to write my current hairdresser a note to tell her that I was ready for a change.

Michael is great -- and he knows what I look like first thing in the morning. When I first started going to him the rotation was cut, cut, cut and color, cut, cut. Then it changed to cut, cut and color, cut. A couple of years later we moved to coloring my hair with each haircut. Sadly, now the routine is cut and color, color, cut and color, color.

I wonder at what point I should quit coloring my hair. Probably when I'm too old to have a second job to help pay for it!


Granny Annie said...

Yes, as long as your can afford professional help you should keep coloring. If you get to the point you have to do it yourself, try wigs first! Not really. Say thanks for every hair on your head. It is beautiful hair by the way.

Kim said...

Ain't vanity a bitch? For me, it seems to be color, color, color, cut. It's a vicious, expensive circle indeed!

Cliff said...

I'm just a farmer but have you tried spray paint?

Just sayin.

You have professional help. SO, that's how you stay looking so young and attractive. I should have known you were cheating.

Jamie Dawn said...

I indulge in professional cuts and color too. it is a perk I have become accustomed to. Like you, I have no problem making do with Dollar Tree purchases. Between that and Walmart, I'm set.
We ladies like our salon visits.
Makes me feel pampered.

Gette said...

I'm lucky I can get by with a box of the cheapest drugstore hootch and a suicide job. My MIL was a stylist and she told me there were lots of processes that require a pro, but my particular color and hair type worked just as well with OTC stuff. Cutting is another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...
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