Friday, September 25, 2009

pez and porch packages

Sometimes I forget that collect PEZ dispensers - even though I walk past hundreds of them in my hallway several times a day. I came home yesterday to a find a package on my porch from Amazon. My dear friend DM sent me the new Wizard of Oz PEZ set. I have so many wonderful thoughtful friends and DM is right on the top of the heap.

I love getting mail and used to be great about sending letters and remembering birthdays and leaving thoughtful gifts on on friends porches. I miss doing that sort of stuff and I don't know when I got too busy or lazy to keep it up. In the meantime I'll just add it to the list of stuff I need to get back to.

For today I'm just going to worry about whether I should keep the Wizard of Oz PEZ in the box or not. Thanks DM.


Granny Annie said...

Now if you come home to a box on the porch you have to call the bomb squad to examine it first.

DM is an awfully nice friend and yes, take the dispenser out of the box!

Ralph said...

Everybody loves getting mail. So how did you start collecting PEZ dispensers?

Cliff said...

Nope, keep it in the box.
I just got to thinking that if you have a small earthquake, you're gonna have a mess of dispensers on the floor.

Jamie Dawn said...

That's terrific, thoughtful gift!
Unexpected gifts and/or cards really do brighten our days.
You brighten others' lives all the time, Nora.