Tuesday, September 22, 2009

little beulah and winemaking

I heard that dad had a new cat. I should say that I overheard that dad got a new cat. I heard him ask another Second Helpings volunteer about low cost spay and neutering and I assumed that he was not asking for himself.

Little Beulah is named after a long line of farm cat Beulahs. She sure is cute.

I went to the farm to help make wine. The basic recipe is to de-stem Concord grapes, squish them and add sugar water and stuff it all in a barrel.

My timing was perfect! The work was done and the brats were on the grill when I arrived. I had a fabulous dinner of Dad's soup, corn, brats, veggies and apple pie. And lots of laughter.

Dad poured "new grape" - last year's wine. Which will be bumped to "old grape" when the new wine is ready. We're very clever in naming things at the farm, be it cats or wine. It's part of the reason that going home is so darn comfortable.

p.s. Happy birthday Ralph!


Ralph said...

Thanks Nora and Great Post.

Granny Annie said...

New Grape, Old Grape and Beulah all sound good to me. I mean we're talking about people who came up with the name Nora and we all know that is a great name too!

Brenda said...

I so enjoy your family farm stories! They make me laugh and they nudge my heart. Love and loyalty........who could ask for more?

Cliff said...

Yep, nothin better than Dad and Home. Great story. Thanks NOra. Have you thought about spreading the posts out a little? :}