Monday, November 17, 2008

more media

Any one tired of reading about me yet?

The interviewer becomes the interviewee. For the Indianapolis Business Journal no less:
Doing Good Tonic Ball VII

I was lucky enough to get involved with the Tonic Ball in the second year. The experience really has changed my life. It connected me with Second Helpings and loads of great people. It is by far my favorite day of the year.

The founder, Ken Honeywell connected with Becky Hopewell over the event- and now they're married. Woo Hoo. The committee is amazing. We all trust and respect each other- novel, I know.

The committee members are all friends in real-life too. Each year we make a bet about who will go home in a taxi. It's never me- I'm always too conscious of my responsibilities through out the evening. And typically I'm hauling a drum kit or an amp or a drunk musician home - or sometimes all three. In my little truck.

I joked that this year my goal is to make-out with someone by the dumpster behind the club. I hope it's not raining....


Kim said...

Ooohh's ON. Don't issue a challenge like that and expect me to ignore it.

I will find you a dude to play tonsil hockey with. An AGE INAPPROPRIATE dude. :o)

Ralph said...

Okay Nora - serious, who is going to get tired of reading about you and all the great things you do? No me.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Sweet! Nice press.

Rachel said...

We do not tire of reading about you Nora! You are one busy woman!

Good luck with the dude that kim is finding for you! Haha!!

Granny Annie said...

Okay, so tell me again why we are supposed to get tired of reading about you? We're ready to claim you when you are rich as well as famous!

Cliff said...

Great press Nora. Good on you!!
This is a classic example of how charity is supposed to administered. By individuals of their own free will and accord.

Janell said...

Nora, if we were tired of reading about you, we wouldn't be visiting here. Isn't that the whole reason for blogging?

Making out with someone behind the dumpster sound like TOO much fun. Can I bring my husband? He's a really good kisser.