Sunday, November 09, 2008


I had two days off - in a row. How fancy is that?

It was a fun weekend. The Tonic Gallery opened on Friday. Hundreds of people visited the show and my friend Scott played beautiful guitar music.

The art will be up for a silent auction November 21. Only one piece sold at the special $500 "buy it now" price - the bench that Dad made!

Saturday night was the Christamore House Guild Gala. I love the Christamore House and the Guild does wonderful work. I'm a bit of a Guild anomaly. I'm the only single woman out of 75 active members. And I'm guessing that I'm the only one that had to get her waitressing shift covered!

[I just looked at this photo a little closer - to make sure there was nothing embarrassing in the shot, and noticed my demonic cat peering through the window!]

I had fun and my friend Kipp was a champ. Only about a dozen people asked if he was my husband. My favorite moment: The social reporter of the Indianapolis Star looked at us and said: Nora, you're not a Guild person - at all. Kipp, what are you doing here? I guess I should be flattered that she knows my name...
Today was a real treat. I slept in- I do feel bad about missing church. I didn't drive at all. I walked to the newsstand for soup and puttered around the house.

Is this how people spend their weekends?


Marla said...

Sure sounds relaxing. the only day I get to sleep in is Sat., I usually feel guilty about sleeping in, too much that needs done!

Kim said...

My goal on the weekends is to not drive at all at least one day, and sleep in both days.

Goals are a good thing. :o)

BTW, Wayne and I can't wait for Tonic Ball! Queen AND Elvis--woo hooooo!

Jamie Dawn said...

Puttering around on weekends is a very good way to spend the time.
How neat about your dad's bench selling for $500!!
You look very lovely in that photo, and even your demonic cat is admiring you.
Two days off in a row??
Did an alien take over Nora's body?
This is not normal Nora behavior.

Taylor has decided to attend Musician's Institute in Hollywood. If we can get it all worked out, he'll start in January and take their Encore 10 week program while living with my brother, Jason, who lives just fifteen minutes from the school.
His band will be on hold for the time being.

Rachel said...

Great picture of you Nora! The cat just wants to be included! :)

I have to agree with JD. You having 2 days off is very rare, since you are usually like the Energized Bunny just going and going and going! I expect you were way overdue to sleep in. I sleep in fairly regularly these days...and enjoy it all I can!

Ralph said...

You might be getting the hang of that weekend thing. Your cat in that picture is funny.