Saturday, November 22, 2008

tonic ball 2008

Once again, the Tonic Ball lived up to my expectations.  It truly is my favorite night of the year. 

I was feeling bad that Tammy wasn't going to be able to attend, but she realized that the all-ages venue, meant just that --all-ages. Here is little Evan Lieber (five weeks old) at his first concert. 

Here are some of the women (past and present) of Second Helpings. I'd like to point out that I'm the only one not holding a drink -

Back in my college, punk-rock days these guys (Dale, Evan, Gary) were all around. The forty-something me can't believe that the coolest guys of twenty-five years ago are hanging out with me now. And they're still the cool guys!

Speaking of the cool kids -- sound man Jonee Quest. Jonee has the daunting task of running sound for the fifteen bands that played Queen in Radio Radio - with only ten minute changeovers. And we ran on time. And he's still smiling. 

I can't describe how great this night is for me. It combines my job - Second Helpings, my passion- music, friends and community. I truly walked around all night with goose bumps and a full heart. 

For more photos and videos click here. Click here and then click on the Tonic Ball marquee to see a great video of the event [and a not so great view of me explaining what Second Helpings does]. 

To answer the question on the top of all of your minds -- no dumpster making-out, not even tempted. 

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