Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just when you thought it was safe, and I couldn't possibly be quoted on one more here to read what I'm thankful for business-wise. And I'm honored to be in the company of these real Indianapolis movers and shakers. 

I couldn't begin to list the all of things I'm thankful for. 
I am blessed with a wonderful life. 
And, you dear bloggers are part of that. 
The blog has made me a better writer, introduced me to new friends and strengthened old friendships.

I've spend the last several Thanksgiving weeks in Sanibel with brother J.R. and his family. This year I'm here, but Mom is in Phoenix with sister Ann and Tim. So it's just Dad and sister Beth and Ron and I.

clockwise: Ron, Beth, Nora, Dad on the front porch of the Propylaeum Club

We had a lovely dinner at the Propylaeum Club - turkey and all the goodies. We got to tour the house after lunch. Some of the furnishing are from the old Claypool Hotel, including the things from the room where Carole Lombard spent her last night (January 15, 1942) before her death in a plane crash the next day. 

Dad in Carole Lombard's "room" 

Ron had to go to work and Beth went home to care for their sick dog (poor Santo). Dad and I travelled a whole block to cousin Diane and Tony's home. We had a nice visit with Aunt Muriel, and cousins Jim, Carmen and their families. 

Dad and I met at the farm and headed north to Cass County. I love going to visit all of the cousins. We didn't have any real plans. I was hoping to run in to some of the Grememspacher side of the family, but we didn't drive by the right house. 

We found a whole nest of cousins at Chuck's beautiful house. I played a game of Euchre and sampled some more food. It was fun to laugh, drink a beer and look at photographs from Aaron and Jennifer's wedding. 

Rosemary, Nora and great-aunt Mamie's coat

I wanted to be sure and see Rosemary. She is one of Dad's cousins and is a font of information and fun. I was wearing great-aunt Mamie's coat that she'd given me and I wanted to show her that I love and wear it. 

Dad and I made one more stop on the way home. The lights were on at Cousin George's. We had a nice chat with his wife Monica and son Andrew. 

And over the river and down the highway, dad and I drove south...

I had one more Thanksgiving stop to make- a sleepover with the Lieber twins. 


Tee said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving, and yes, we're all very blessed :)

(The shoe photo is cool!)

WYA! said...

Wow- we are huge Carole Lombard fans and had no idea her hotel room's furnishings were here. We've been to the house that she was born in though (which is a B&B in Fort Wayne).