Sunday, November 30, 2008

month end wrap-up

November was a typically busy month. 
I spent a good chunk of it feeling overwhelmed and freaked out. 

SH is still wonderful and one of the best nonprofits in the city, but I had a frustrating month. Nothing to worry about, but for the first time in three years it feels a more like a job than anything else. And I know that I bring on a lot of the pressure on myself. Despite my almost 30 years in the workforce this is my first "office" job. I'm still working my way around the minefield of office politics. I also know that I cannot expect everyone to have the same amount of energy and stamina that I do. 

Some switch flipped in my head and I relaxed, let go a little big and had a blast the last week. 

There were lots of highlights: 

*I'm still all giggly and blushy when I look at the cartoon

*The Tonic Ball and Tonic Gallery were amazing - and helped renew my commitment to my job.

*I was quoted in an embarrassing number of publications.  

* My truck was hit by a potato chip truck. On first glance this is not very funny. But I was not in the truck at the time the potato chip truck backed in to me. The impact pushed my truck back a few feet, to with in inches of a beer truck. I had visions of potato chips and beer for life. I can't believe that I forgot to take a photograph. 

*Thanksgiving was great. I loved going to Logansport with Dad, but it made me a little sad also. Back when I had a more flexible schedule Dad and I would travel to visit cousins at least twice a month. Before Thanksgiving I can't remember the last trip that did not involve a funeral or wedding. 

*I got to hang out with the twins. I don't know if I'm much help when I'm there, but those kids sure are precious. 

*I got to go to Dean's Post-Thanksgiving Jam. There were several circles of musicians playing old-time and bluegrass music. It was good for my soul. There were more banjos in one place than I've ever seen, several fiddles, a few stand up basses and one musical saw (thanks to my friend Kipp). 

*Even though I had to work both part-time jobs Thanksgiving weekend, they were filled with friends and laughter. And I'm thrilled to have them. 

Click here for photos of Thanksgiving, Fight Night at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and the Post-Thanksgiving Jam


Cliff said...

Photo's of Thanksgiving and fight night at the Indiana State Fair Grounds.
I better not ever hear someone say that you're predictible.

Marla said...

Sounds like your were very busy. Glad that you wera ble to have so much fun!

Cliff said...

I read on down. I'd like to know who the first guy was who played a saw and the reaction of the guy working with him. "Hey Martha...come here quick, you gotta hear this.
I loved the Thanksgiving write up. You are a top notch visitor.
And lastly, Indianapolis or how ever you spell it, Is really lucky to count you as an asset. Congrats and good job on all that you do!!