Monday, December 02, 2013

think kit: day two - take a poll

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Today's Think Kit blogging prompt: Take a poll and share the results. Is there something you've been curious about? A decision you're struggling with? Ask the crowd, and report back on what the results might mean.

I went off topic today - my Aunt Lucille's funeral was this morning. She was a terrific big sister to my Dad, raised eight of my favorite people, took me to my first college basketball game, and was a heck of a Euchre player. And she was a fun and willing road trip companion for Dad and I got to be part of that. 

I'd spend the last few days feeling sad. I was sad for my cousins who had lost their mother. I was sad for Dad who lost the last of his eight siblings. I was just plain old sad.

I'd read the prompt before I left for the funeral, but taking a poll under the circumstances seemed a little weird. All I could think of was deathy stuff....cremated or buried? Open casket or closed? Flowers or donations to a charity? You can see where my mind was.

After the funeral home and Mass and cemetery and delicious chicken dinner prepared by the "church ladies," a group of us cousins gathered at their childhood home. I realized that we were taking our own polls amongst ourselves.  What was your favorite Aunt Lu memory? What crazy thing did you remember from family gatherings? Who was the best Euchre player? 

After laughter and tears and beers and cards I had the answer to the unasked poll: Family. Family is the most important thing.

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